Junsha Feed Machinery is located in the town of Wuji in Shijiazhuang, Hebei. Wuji is a base for feed machines and all kinds of feed. We are a professional manufacturer and trader in animal feed machinery (especially poultry feed machinery) and agricultural machines, with more than 40 years experience. Our previous boss-Mr Cui Guishuang was a well-known expert in feed machinery field in Hebei province. Now his son Cui Yinghui is taking charge and we are taking efforts to explore the foreign market and establishing a reputable name by our professionality and hardworking. We are always ready to meet new friends from all over the world.






Feed mixing machine, manufactured by the famous feed machinery industry city of Shijiazhuang

Feed mixing machine, manufactured by the famous feed machinery industry city of Shijiazhuang

HJJ Single axle zonal mixing machine(or named spiral paddle mixer) is widely used in mixing all kinds of powder material, to make all materials mix evenly, further to ensure the good quality of feed. 

It has new style of rotary design, it will mix all materials inside the container evenly 100%. 

On the bottom there is a discharging gate which is electric controlled, and it is easy to operate the discharging gate presicely and correctly. 

There is cream-adding tube(only if customers need). 

The over all design is very reasonable and all parts are well coordianted, outside appearance is nice, and most importantly long time durable and easier to maintain.

Feed mixing machine, manufactured by the famous feed machinery industry city of Shijiazhuang

Feed mixing machine, manufactured by the famous feed machinery industry city of Shijiazhuang

SJHJ Double axle paddle high-efficiency mixing machine is widly used in different fields of feed, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide. It will efficiently mix not only powder but also pellets, clumps and ropy materials.

The features are: less mixing time needed, better mixing effect of more evenly mixing, faster discharging, less residue, and it adopts chain transmission: the cycloidal pin gear speed reducer(CYCLO) drives the double rotors to rotate in opposite direction. 

The features: reasonable design, stable running, strong transmission torque, less abrasion and so on. 

Feed mixing machine, manufactured by the famous feed machinery industry city of Shijiazhuang



( maize grinding system, corn grinding technique chart, fiberin grinding, cellulose grinding, bean grinding, wheat grinding ......)

Shuangxuan brand SFSP-S56, 66 series of Double rotary hammer type grinding machine

SFSP-S56 series include 




The features of its function

* the shape of the main body is like a drop of water, inside which there are two rotaries that are rotating in the same direction. The speed of the hammers attached to the rotary can be as fast as 200 meters per second, which will let most of the powder after the materials being grinded go through the sieve easily, hence the sieve will not keep the heat inside the main body to keep it inside a relatively suitable working temperature.
* the design of the door system and device(adjustable pressing-sieve, bevel upper door) will make the replacement of the sieve easily.
* the operation door adopts the sealing of air bag, which can perform better sealing;
* there is welding of protogenous tungsten carbide to the working points of the hammers, which makes higher efficiency and more durable;
* the gap between the sieve and hammers is adjustable, to be accorded with different materials that may contain more moisture or fiber;
* the rotor is imported from the west and made by the most esteemed and reputable factories. It is safe and efficient;
* it optimizes the design of powder-discharging system, and taking advantage of the principle of aerodynamics, to let he powder go through the sieve more easily;
* full-open type operation door, and safe inter-lock device, to make sure the safety and convenience of opening and closing door;
* there is air-intake device on the end of pin roll, to prevent the abrasion to the end of the pin roll of the hammers by the materials;
* there is impeller feeding device which is equipped with adjustable speed of rotating, 3000 Gaussian plus magnetic plate to clear the iron impurities, hence protect the parts of the grinding machine. The magnetic door device can automatically clear the iron impurities;



Pelleting machine 


Usage Scope
1 It apply to the small,medium or large feed making factory or farmer.This machine can feed rabbit,fish,chicken,duck,goose,pig,lamb,cattle and so on.
2 The materials can be:sawdust,rice husk,cotton stalk,seed hull,weeds and all kinds of crop straw,household refuse,factory waste and so on.

Poultry animal feed pellet machine is an ideal pelletizing machine for high quality animal feed pellets.
Before pelletizing, grains such as corn, wheat, rice and soybean etc. need to be crushed into powder. Also they should be mixed throughly with a mixer since other additives may be added to ensure a balanced feed formulation.
The poultry animal feed pellet machine have a smooth surface and easy to digest for animals. Therefore the poultry animal feed pellet machine is widely adopted by livestock farm, poultry farm, feed processing industry and aquaculture.

Different animals have special requirements of feed pellets, we have several types of poultry animal feed pellet machine which can respectively produce livestock feed pellets, poultry feed pellets, aquatic feed pellets, etc.

a. For pig, the feed pellet diameter is usually ø3.5-6.5mm.
b. For cattle, the feed pellet diameter is usually ø4.5-8mm.
c. For chicken, feed pellet diameter is usually ø3.2mm.
d. For fish, feed pellet diameter is usuallyø2.0, ø2.5, ø3.0mm.
e. For shrimps, feed pellet diameter is usually ø1.0-ø3.5mm.


Advantages of Poultry Animal Feed Pellet Machine
1,Main drive adopts high accuracy gearbox;
2,Full stainless steel enlarged conditioner ensures good cooking effect;
3,Frequency conversion (Electromagnetic speed control) feeder, with overload protection device,equipped strong magnetic security device;
4,High efficiency driving, stable and low noise;
5,Main parts of the bearing and standard parts are imported from reputable manufacturers from developed countries.

Raw material cleaning

Animal Feed Pellet Making Machine

Mixing part

Animal Feed Pellet Making Machine

Control room

Animal Feed Pellet Making Machine


Deironing and feeding



Cotton slitting machine



Grain Classificator

Pepper seeds selecting machine


Pulse dedusting

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Sieve and hammers


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